August 16, 2021

What’s Between the Natural and the Digital?

Soorin Shin

3D Printed Plant-Based, Non-toxic Biodegradable Materials and Recycled Plastics.

I make 3D printed sculptures, exploring the possibility of bringing the digital aesthetic into the real world. I marry the organic and artificial, inspired by natural shapes that instinctively draw humans in, desiring to feel and hold, like bumpy potatoes, intertwining roots and smooth pebbles. Opposing the cold and sharp edged digital stereotype, my sculptures have voluptuous and wonky bodies through the 3D modelling process, embracing all the curves. On a constant journey to find truly sustainable materials, I use only plant-based, biodegradable PLA and recycled plastics. For instance, my recent work, ‘You got some fire in you’ is made of 100% recycled plastics. Two methods are blended in my practice; sculpting, one of the main traditional forms of fine art with 3D printing, the digitalised and futuristic technology. My sculptures carve a new playful landscape, linking the past and the future.