January 31, 2020

What would you write in your book of life?

Mark Goodwin

AcrylicJerome, 2020915x610x15

Having tried several methods and styles I have always been fascinated by the strength, tones, lighting and amazing subscript of subject matter in traditional, philosophical, and religious style paintings and the stories projected from a moment in time. This year I am part of an exhibition at Ayr hospital and decided to submit 2 religious pieces in the hope that visitors suffering may pass and for a brief moment seek solitude in the admiration of art. Having said this the reasoning behind this piece is simple (this piece is almost finished), as a huge admirer of historic works (although my memory fails me with names and titles) as I am getting older, things change, people pass on I have become more aware of my mortality and often wondered what kind of legacy would I leave behind for my daughter to remember me by? What would I write in a book of my life to her?