November 12, 2021

What Would You Tell Your Younger Self?

Emma Lees

Magazine - Illustration by Katie SmithMen and Mental Health, 2021

Growing Pains is an illustrated collection of stories about nostalgia, comfort and hindsight. It’s about the situations we are likely to find ourselves or our loved ones in as we grow up, experiences like moving away from home, changing careers, relationships, sexuality, parenthood, mental health and invisible illnesses. Growing Pains is an attempted manual on how to better navigate those moments and familiarise ourselves with the parts of life we don’t often talk about but sorely need to. It has been stitched together from stories of people I grew up with, recently came to know or have loved all my life, in the hopes that someone might see themselves in one of their stories and feel a little less lonely. This story is about men and mental health.