October 28, 2020

What would you give to make your world better?

Douglas Bruton

Short StoryThirteen Wedding Dresses, 2018

It’s very easy in our filled-up, fractured and fractious world to lose sight of what’s important, to lose sight of who we really are. Then an idea surfaces or something unexpected happens and we see clearly what it is to be human and we want to celebrate that and to be a part of something good. This is in evidence now with Marcus Rashford’s campaign to feed Britain’s unfed children. The UK government should be doing something more here; instead the people have stepped up and we see compassion in action and community spirit and I think we all understand how important this is – the children needing fed and the people wanting to reach out, wanting to be good. Community is important, however you define the term, and being part of a community is like being part of a greater family. When there is need the members of the community work together and fix things and they are unselfish in their giving – even giving to those who are not a part of the community. And giving like that they also get something back: an understanding of who they are, a sense of their own worth. That’s what community