January 2, 2020

What would my inner emotional landscape be like without her?

Kim Chapman, 48

It’s nearly one year now since my bereavement – loss of one’s mother is huge – a ‘backstop’ for better and worse for all of our lives to then. I used to wonder what my inner emotional landscape would be like without her and couldn’t imagine the absence – but I find her in so many unexpected places. I have begun to find my way in my relationship with her, seeing my mother as a woman, and that only really started to happen for me after she died – her life ‘complete’ and finished – no longer all evolving – a very different perspective. The images illustrate a very different perspective. Over the years I hope to find my mother’s words and footsteps as I need them, as I walk alone into my own womanhood.

My Mother My Self, 2019Encaustic -paint wax166x229 mm