Ink on paperOrangeman - Genie, 201821cm x 29.7cm

Hope is a powerful emotion. Without it, we would struggle to overcome the daily hardships that we all face. Therefore, hope is an evolutionary necessity. To wish for something is to have a sense that maybe, just maybe, we can beat the odds and find our treasure. To wish is to have hope.

The story of Aladdin, a folk tale of middle-eastern origin, is a powerful tale of hope and longing for change. Three wishes are granted to the young Aladdin by a magical genie who lives within an enchanted bottle. When the bottle is rubbed the genie appears and asks him, with great care, to choose his three wishes.

This is the inspiration behind the piece of art; what if we were to find a bottle, which housed a magical genie? What would we wish for? Would this wish, assuming it became true, be the answer to all our problems? Initially it seems the character gets his wish and finds his treasure but as things develop it turns out maybe he did not make the best choice. This is an all too familiar feeling for many of us but it is what makes us human.