February 26, 2019

What would happen if you kept going?

Yvette Morrissey


What if we gave up just before we were about to succeed?

In 2018, I walked 864km from the Scottish/English border to Cape Wrath- Scotland’s most north-western point. Just five days from finishing, I encountered the toughest day on the trail- the one that almost made me give up. After battling thousands of cleggs that bit me through my clothing, temperatures higher than 30 degrees and some of Scotland’s most unrelenting terrain, I quietened my mind and pushed on.

This image was taken when I arrived at my destination: Loch Glencoul. It took me 50 days and several hundred kilometres of walking to take this photo; this end of the loch only visible by hiking a day into the wilderness.

The calmness of the water represents the importance of a still mind in order for strength and resilience. The beauty of the mountains is the reward for hard work; it is magnified, suggesting that good things come to those that work for them.