July 30, 2020

What would COVID-19 look like if it were a horror film?

Hester Grant

ZineDeep Throat, 2020148 x 210 mm

I created Deep Throat as a way of looking at my own personal anxiety surrounding the Coronavirus. As a big fan of horror and sci-fi films, I wanted to think about the kind of imagery that Coronavirus would conjure up if the virus was part of a dystopian graphic novel or film. I did not want to just look at the virus itself but also how our lives have been forced online. For the imagery I took inspiration from medical drawings and the dystopian film THX 1138. I included a “cut-up technique” poem, created by cutting up words from a Christian leaflet on the Coronavirus I received and re-arranging them. Creating art like this has become therapeutic for me as it allows me to step back and work through my own obsessive fears about the virus. The virus has reminded us that we are fragile beings and I wanted to give a sense of this through the medical drawings as it depicts human anatomy in a cold clinical way. I believe it is important to document our feelings on the Coronavirus as this is a once in a lifetime tragedy that may currently shape the world as we know it.