April 27, 2021

‘What Would Bring Freedom And Nature Into Your Home More Than My Paintings?’

Sue Fleming

WatercolourWatercolours By Sue Art©1995 -2021, 6 Inches By 6 Inches Up To 4 Foot By 3 Feet

To bring the outside scenery, the essence of birds, nature & the awakening of soul & peace it brings, into peoples homes has always been my aim, passion & vision. My love of Nature & being a birder all my life brought to everyone. I have drawn & painted since my youth, & gave many freely away. 0nly laterly have begun to sell with the encouragement of friends & family, & my paintings are now in homes globally. My medium of watercolour brings, for me, the freedom of movement, expression of the subjects, & the light captured of a particular moment in time. Even after a death sentence of Cancer could not stop me painting, & remission has brought an even more enlightened openness to share my work, gratitude for the time to continue painting & acceptance of a gift that brings joy to others.