October 11, 2021

What Worldly Experiences Do We Sacrifice While We’re Trapped in Our Self Imposed Cage of Adulthood?

Fiona Burton

Music VideoThe Merry Dancers on TV, 2021

This isn’t the usual entry of “Phone is bad… go outside and touch some grass”. While my film follows a young girl who is the only person in the world to notice when the Moon vanishes from the night sky I am careful not to paint the adult who doesn’t notice a single thing happening in front of their eyes as necessarily negligent or withholding of parental love. It’s a lesson which I am only beginning to make sense of at 23 years old but the world is not only unnecessarily cruel and alienating to children- it’s the same for adults too. As a (fairly newly certified) adult there is so much we are expected to keep up with; the paralyzing news cycle, job prospects (or lack of), the planet dying, my parents growing ever older, my childhood friends growing up, and changing and all the while we’re expected to be still developing into wise, all-knowing adults. I don’t know how to do it. I don’t feel wise at all… I just feel distracted and like I’m neglecting any childlike piece of myself that longs to search for joy all in the stretch to fit in as an actual adult.