October 21, 2020

What world will I leave behind for my daughter?

Reina Edmiston

Mixed MediaSurrounding Us - The Imprint of Plastic in Our Oceans, 202060x60cm

This work is the culmination of a year’s exploration into our marine environments and how my own consumption of single-use plastic is adding to the 150 million metric tonnes of plastic in our oceans and seas (Ocean Conservancy, 2020). Throughout the past year I have captured images of the Highlands and Islands’ coasts, examining the plastic waste littering our environment. By re-purposing and layering single-use plastic to create an imprint of the marine bed, I aim to highlight that, whether we see it or not, plastic has a lasting, disastrous impact on our oceans and seas. Each piece is supported with atmospheric skies using a dark colour palette to emphasise the urgency of the situation we find ourselves in when considering the world we will pass on to the next generation. This makes me question whether my current consumer behaviour will impact my daughter’s future. As I begin to change my own response to throw away consumption, I hope to paint these pieces with calmer waters, whilst still re-purposing single use plastic to signify that some damage cannot be undone.