Ink on paperLetters from the Children, 2020

If you could ask the people that came before you, that gifted you your world, anything, what would you ask? Letters from the Children explores this idea and the impact that we have on the world that our children will inherit. With scientists estimating only ten years until climate change is irreversible, Letters from the Children underscores our responsibility to the Earth, each other and future generations and asks the question of what world are we leaving behind? The poetry in the piece is designed as a letter from a child in a future, desolate world, to those that came before them. The imagery symbolises the beauty and fragility of the world and the future we can create, the burning forests representing the possibility of a desolate future and echoing the natural disaster already increasing globally. The colours and imagery in the dress represent the world that was and could have been. Fashion being one of the least sustainable industries, the inclusion of the dress demonstrates what we as a society are willing to sacrifice for our beauty and convenience. In the words of Henrik Tikkanen, “because we do not think of future generations, they will never forget us.”