April 27, 2021

‘What Will Tomorrow Bring?’

Gill Thompson

Collograph PrintFenced In, 201917cms x 36 cms

Little did we know when we moved to the Isle of Lewis that 2020 would see us isolated, not only by living on an island off the west Coast of Scotland, but in our home, restricted from travelling to visit family and friends or even to stray far from our house. Covid 19 had struck! My choice of subjects for printmaking became dependant on my immediate environment and I started a sketchbook, drawing on objects that I could find around the house – the interior of the fridge, contents of cupboards, chairs and tables and the view from my windows for inspiration. The embryonic garden, separated from neighbouring croft land by a fence and barbed wire has been my focus for the last 15 months. It provides a constantly changing view of the sea and sky, distant mountains and the local wildlife that has continued throughout, unaware of any changes wrought by a worldwide pandemic. This collagraph print started as a pencil sketch from my studio window and has developed into the essence of our months of isolation – fenced in and watching, wondering what tomorrow will bring but grateful that we have such a wonderful world to look out