November 29, 2019

What will be?

Rosa Stevenson, 20

Half-way through writing this play, my motivations for writing it changed. It was intended simply to be a satirical 20 minute play, centred around the notion of three fumbling and foolish deities living as railway workers, upholding the course of faith. It occurred to me however, as I was writing a play entirely about fate – I hate fate. I despise it. The notion of fate is one that allows us to be ungrateful for all the struggle and strife that has given us the rights we are thankful for and dismisses the horrors others suffer through. Saying that fate is what dictates our lives, lets those responsible for the poverty, pain and suffering inflicted on our fellow people, off the hook. This also applies in a more general sense to the attitude that voting is useless, that Trade Unions can’t help you, that there is no alternative to capitalism. I believe that if you have the comfort to sit back and say, “What will be, will be,” you are letting both yourself and your fellow man down. Only the people united can shape what will be. This play explores this idea in a comedic and absurd way.

Three Wise Railway Workers, 2019