January 31, 2019

What unseen damage are we doing to our planet?

Conor McAllister


‘The Messenger’ was a piece designed to explore the environmental issues facing us today, and to probe the idea that we need to be honest and up front with how we live as a species, and the catastrophic damage that continues to occur to our environment.

I chose a turtle because not only are they universally beloved (and now also endangered), but they have long been used as a symbol of wisdom. The idea behind this piece of work was to tie together the concepts of a forewarning (in the form of a wise ‘messenger’), and the fabled message in a bottle (seen amongst the waste encapsulated in his shell.)

I included the diver to give a sense of scale to the turtle (I often like to add a small twist of fantasticism to my work) – but also to try to show this human’s reaction of shock, at catching a glimpse of the real damage to other life that the human species (for the most part unwittingly), does.

I believe this is one of the most important questions we can be asking right now, as things reach breaking point this has truly become a global issue, the outcome of which will affect every living person’s life for centuries (if not more) to come.

The Messenger
Multiliners/ ink on acid-free paper
29.7 x 21 cm