January 29, 2021

What Truly Makes Glasgow?

Abby Pryce

Photography/PaintingWhat Truly Makes Glasgow?, 2021

My project features Glasgow in today’s current climate, where inequalities and tragedies of the past and present are given much more attention, as I think they rightly should. I wanted to give agency to the social and historical downfalls that run deep in the city. Due to the current situation with Covid-19 many new challenges have arisen for the people and economy of Glasgow, while also deepening pre-existing issues, especially mental health. The purpose of this project was to shed a light on these negative parts Glaswegian society has by documenting the city and the effects its past and present have on not only the people, but the infrastructure around the city- such as it’s aiding by slavery. By using a range of mixed media I created a series that displays the very unique situation that we find ourselves today and the result of this on the community. Glasgow is very diverse and progressive. I love my home dearly; but we cannot deny the social issues and dark past being given the attention and agency the art, culture, and positivity Glasgow offers.