January 31, 2020

What traces of ourselves do we leave behind?

Stuart Edwards

DocumentaryRobert Blomfield : An Unseen Eye, 20181920 X 1080

Time is fleeting. We move through the present, leaving our past and a part of ourselves behind. Moments, feelings, experiences we have lived… where do they go? Will we remember them in our later years? We try to capture them through writing, photography, art, music, hoping they don’t vanish forever. We move into the future and change, evolve. Will someone stumble upon the traces we’ve left and remind us why they were worth preserving? These were questions that surfaced while filming with the photographer, Robert Blomfield. Robert had always quietly photographed the world around him in the 1950’s & 60’s during his youth, looking for the quirky, the humorous and beautiful around him. He rarely showed his images to anyone. Now aged 80 and having suffered a stroke, Robert has put down his camera for good. He sits, looking through boxes of his old photographs and slides, returning to his youth. “It’s close to my heart… maybe it is my heart. It’s really… deep in me.”