November 17, 2020

What social impact does reappropriation of the OK hand gesture have on mass media?

Sharon Ferris

Digital artOK, 202050 x 50 cm

The work responds to the theme of every changing world through its deconstructed and semiotic stance on the reappropriation and ownership of OK hand gesture, co-opted by the white supremacy in 2019. The work looks to respond to the use of social media as a way to promote and disseminate the symbol, by reframing the symbol within its true colours the work looks to regain ownership of the OK symbol and disempower it of the meaning that it currently embodies ,of hate and far right values. My art practice works within the digital aesthetic to create a cohesive narrative incorporating the use of agency, immersion and transformation. In working with interactive digital art, I’ve come to reflect on the power of algorithms in this current 4th industrial revolution and there inherent roles in the effects of global inequalities. Therefore, my work comments on virtual, technological and globalisation issues through the use of the digital aesthetics. My digital art practice responds to a deeper role in the transformation of society due to technological and cognitive experiences. I look through various lenses to open dialogues of current social political landscapes, from digital democracy, virtual inclusive globalisation and social anxiety.