February 5, 2022

What Significance Do Childhood Memories Have on Our Adult Selves?

Freyja Hunter-Reid


My work is communicating the impact of memory. When researching this I found that the function of memory is to inform our present and future selves and our lives. Also, that memories are not conjured up, but are triggered by our sensory experiences relating to a particular event. This research means that I am now able to see why the memory in my submitted work persisted. It has recurred many times and I have therefore thought deeply about it.

I have used it to explain my love of the darkness to myself and others over the years. I have come to appreciate the literal darkness my parent was in at that time, through becoming a parent myself. This memory now has a new dimension and illuminates the insecurity one can experience as a parent. My reaction to the dark of night continues to be one of love and admiration. I seek out the darkness and am not afraid of the restriction of vision nor of the heightening of my other senses. My nostalgia hasn’t been affected and my love of darkness remains despite my new understanding of how memories work and how we can learn from them.