July 31, 2020

What should people remember of me?

Acacia Mitchell, 17 | Elijah Mitchell, 14

One night, I was on my roof staring at the rows of apartments around my house and I realized that I did not know a single soul there. It startled me. The idea that everyone in the world has their own story. The idea that I could travel the world and constantly meet people who have their own depth is overwhelming. That after eighty years I will drift away into the memories that other people retain of my existence. It fills me with wonder and awe and terror. And so, on the roof, I turned to the one thing in my life that has remained constant: God. If life is but a breath and God is eternal, then what I do for God lives on forever. I hope in this video you feel the isolation. The disconnect and the aching. But perhaps what should stay is that we are all working towards something bigger than what we will ever see. The people we never connect with, the stories we never hear, all are straining for meaning and purpose only to be found in God. These are the things that should be remembered.

What should people remember of me?, 2020Video