October 14, 2019

what should an artist represent and depict?

William Warrington

AcrylicReally Fantastic Circles, 20198 inches diameter on A2

what should an artist represent and depict?

The work is one of an on going series. The formula has allowed the artist to explore a practice that is free from an end. The boundary of the circle, although a limitation, actually presents an opportunity for an infinite amount of colour combinations and the act practicing this series is the subject represented in the work.

It is apparent that no direct symbolism or representation is present apart from the circle representing perhaps a planet or something geometrical.
This addresses a subject less art, one that in turn is representative of whatever the viewer associates.

The artist’s intention is that the work aims to address the originality and newness of each day, and the fabric of events that make up our existence.

Todays society has exposed the whole world to the amount of art being practiced pushing further the question of what an artist should represent in their work.

The works subject expresses the originality of each person’s day, their identity and who they are, one amongst a billion, all the same, all completely different.