January 26, 2021

What Separates Men From Boys?

Kelsey Darragh

Short StoryWhat Separates Men from Boys, 2021

My short story focusses on the misogyny of two serial killers, one seasoned and one just beginning.

The idea came to me as I thought how unique it would be to tell the story of two serial killers who don’t know the other exists until the site where they bury their victims are found, and both men suddenly become aware of their competition. I wanted to focus on how these men de-humanise their victims. How they can only compare their victims to famous women, unable to see the women in their own right. A sense of humour flows through this story. To alleviate the tension for the reader and highlight how these men are oblivious to how destructive their actions are. Ultimately these men will meet and have to face their own biggest fear: another man taking their territory.