December 29, 2018

What role does failure play in future creative endeavours?

Sean Wheelan


A physical reproduction of an unsuccessful proposal for an installation piece several years ago. The tool aims to display the innocence and naivety of an idea which ideally needs nurtured and developed for it to be fully formed. However, this is not always the case so it becomes a symbol of how failure comes in all walks of life but importantly how we can learn from them.

The use of a self-portrait and scale model of a Citroen Picasso pokes fun at the famous quote from Pablo Picasso regarding how “every child is an artist” in which the baby photo is blasted out at absurd proportions to romanticise this notion. Maybe if this quote was taken more seriously about twenty-six years ago then maybe the proposal would’ve been successful.


Tools of an Unsuccessful Proposal
Medium: Citroen Picasso (model to scale), paper and silicon
Weight: 1kg
Dimensions (cm): h:16 w:11 d:10