July 15, 2019

What really matters in life?

Sean Langdon, 21

Mountains and Molehills explores inadequacy, insecurity and toxic masculinity whilst highlighting the importance of an outside perspective. This play was written to give a platform to the mundane arguments that we participate in on a daily basis and questions their validity. How far into an irreversible situation must we journey before our world discovers what really matters in life? ‘The matter of life’ which is a concept that has been wrestled by the greatest minds of our society with persistence but without success. Perhaps the answer is more simple than we believe to think. Perhaps the answer to what matters in life can be provided by a pair of strangers trapped in a cinema or a pair of friends stuck in an attic. Perhaps it is nothing to do with intellect but circumstance, empathy and honest vulnerability. Mountains and Molehills may be based in Glasgow but its message just might strike the hearts of all, informing its readers that it is not intellect or financial advantage that births ingenuity but a genuine and new kind of perspective, something that we can all offer to the world.

These ideologies are important in todays self-absorbed society; where it seems that every strand of the media is applying positive social weight to the insincere and intolerant aspects of our lives. If things don’t change, then the physical and the emotional environment in which we live will wither into extinction.

Mountains and Molehills, 2019StageplayFull-Length