September 30, 2019

What Price, Any Speech Now?

Roddy Scott

Poetry, Recording, Spoken Word, Ambient PhotosWhat Price Any Speech Now, 2019

There are few words that count these days. When I encountered the mother mentioned in the poem, I realised that her boy’s inability to speak was symptomatic of a society unable to speak, to speak out, or to speak in any fashion- e.g., media tailored – where they will not encounter abuse for its own sake. Thus his vulnerability and similarly that of people serving the public, struck me as sacrosanct.
The vulnerability of people in need of help underpins my writing most of all. I write mostly from experiences which occur from day to day, week to week, and which inform my philosophy in life. My love of speech extends to performance of my work, also to sharing with family and friends.
Recently, even somewhere as significant as Westminster Parliament has been subjected to some of the most awful abusive language. As a poet, every word I write- or speak- I hope to have a measured, careful and caring, effect. If we treasure words, their outcome can sometimes be uplifting and transforming.
I write often for those who suffer. It reflects the suffering I have endured, as well as the suffering I see in humanity.