February 1, 2019

What platform do you use for self-expression?

Danielle Metcalfe-Shaw, 23

My work addresses one of the most important yet perennially ignored youth cultures within North East England, Newcastle. It is a ‘sound’ associated and embedded with working class society within Newcastle, a form of Spanish techno called ‘Makina’ otherwise known as ‘New Monkey’. My work addresses the importance of community, a community based around this genre and it’s importance to a group of individuals.

This Triptych ‘New Monkey’ is made from fragments of found photography from 2004, taken from a British nightclub in North East England. A venue named after the genre it’s self, ‘The New Monkey’ club became rite of passage of for many young youths in Newcastle, it was a community open to them every Saturday night.

This Triptych explores the events held at this venue, looking into how this genre has been used as a platform for self-expression and community for a certain group of individuals. In addition to it also comments on the common link between music taste and stylised brands an correlation to working class culture, and how the three coming together has allowed these individuals feel a part of something Important.


The Monkey
Oil on canvas
180cm x 360cm