What Mysteries Lie Inside This Rose?, 2022

This poem is about the transformative state of ‘longing’ and ‘lack’ as prerequisites of unconditional love, faith and hope. The journey of ‘longing’ forces us to experience both the feminine and masculine parts of our inner selves alongside nature’s – a kind of ‘yin and yang’ spiritual path to follow, achieved by inner contemplation. The structure of a flower that is surrounded by a barrier (thorns), ignites our curiosity and invites us to discover the secrets hidden at the centre. The composition of a rose combines female pistils and male stamens and in this poem the thorn must be contemplated and the equality of masculine and feminine energy, respected to achieve a state of unconditional love. The pain inflicted by touching a rose’s thorn, experiencing a bee’s sting or unrequited love are ways in which nature protects its beauty, fragility and fertility, through demanding, balance and symbiosis. I took this photograph of a wild, yellow rose in Greece, (the sunlight reflected in its centre), as a visual accompaniment, to the main message of the poem: that a state of abundance/spiritual fulfilment can only be achieved by unconditional love and acceptance of others, ‘for better or worse’, achieved though grace.