October 30, 2019

What motivates you?

William Wood, 63

Political discourse is couched variously as fear versus hope, head versus heart or culture versus economics.

Our personal responses and  choices reflect what motivates us,  and the sources of motivation are open to reinterpretation.

Mythology offered the unicorn to symbolise unbeatable strength though it is now often associated with massive – but unlikely to be realised -profit.

Mottos carved in stone, chivalrous in origin, are still used by institutions.  But the Latin sentiments are perhaps no more worthy than the graffiti defending gang territory.

Memorials remember personal sacrifice including the ultimate price paid, but the commemoration must not justify or mask the failures of political power.

Money – with all its corrupting potential – perhaps lies behind and overshadows motivation for many.

We need to think through what motivates us in this day and age.

Oil on canvas80cm x 80cm