What more do women want?

There were so many questions before I settled on this title. It was the best and most reasonable I could think of to illustrate what I am feeling at the moment. It took some time to settle upon ‘best and most reasonable’, largely because I was angry and frustrated. It was hard not to be, as I felt the question “what more do women want?” directed at me in the subtext of many of the comments and contests I encountered as a feminist and women’s rights advocate living and sharing through 2021.

Some of us are working very hard to keep our rights and safety at the forefront of conversation, in the face of some all too common misconceptions about exactly where we are in relation to equality in modern western society. This is difficult and alarming. This piece for me has been therapeutic. Working through the feelings and thoughts which this unspoken question provoked in me through writing this account has been a healing process. I hope it serves to be informative and interesting, but more than that I hope it makes people think- whether that is because it resonates or because it agitates.