January 31, 2019

What mobility are the working-class and disabled truly afforded?

Rachel Main


1) The mistreatment of the disabled – How do we support the most vulnerable amongst us in a time when disabled people are being forced to ‘prove’ their disabilities and apply for PWP in case their benefits are taken away? Is the system working against them?

2) Class as defined by accent: my protagonist loses her working-class Scottish accent in order to acclimatise to the wealthy English people she has been working with. How much room is there in the industry for those from poor backgrounds – what kinds of mobility are they afforded?

3) Is Scotland a viable country for people who want to make it in Film-making? – as Scotland is strengthening it’s industries in many ways, will it be enough to keep Scottish talent in Scotland instead of continuing to move out of the country to try and ‘make it’ in somewhere like London?

4) What mobility are the working-class from working-class towns afforded when there is little industry or jobs where they live?



Full-length play, although the play is set in the fictionalised town ‘Coalton’, the town is based on my hometown of Glenrothes, Fife.