Mixed Media: Seaweed, Fish Hook, Copper, SilverEntanglement, 202125cm x15cm

Dark heaps of fly-infested stinking seaweed decays on the beach. Washed up and unwelcome. But look – what is she doing? Picking over the lively heaps like a wise crow pecking at a carcass. She holds black scraps up to the sky and squints, turning them round slowly, in the light. A select few are sequestered into her frayed pocket. Her shed is a scene of alchemy. Disentangled tang becomes a thing of interest even beauty, worthy of a pedestal, a frame or a silver chain. A statement piece. So what could it be stating? “I too am worthy of your attention. You need me more than I need you. I protect the softening coastlines where you live, I provide food and shelter for creatures you eat and I fill the atmosphere with oxygen which you breathe. Be careful with me. Look more closely but don’t ask what. Ask how and ask why.

How do I affect you? Why do I matter?”