February 1, 2019

What might a post-Brexit Britain look like?

Antonis Kassiotis, 23

Quite simply, the question I wanted to pose in this film was, ‘What might a post-Brexit Britain look like?’. Naturally, this question could have been answered in many different ways, and in various different styles and genres, but, feeling very disheartened by the daily reports of the on-going Brexit negotiations, I opted for comedy. Set in the ‘New Jazz Age’ of the 2020s, ‘The Big Spread’ gives audiences a glimpse into a post-Brexit dystopia where the lack of a trade agreement with the continent has transformed Glasgow into the UK capital of Nutella bootlegging. Prohibition era-inspired mobsters rule over Britain’s major cities with an iron fist. Speakeasies: hidden eating and drinking spots that serve up Nutella-based desserts and cocktails, are in abundance. Meanwhile, the Women’s Christian Diabetics League gather in their hundreds to protest the nation’s ungodly craving for the Italian confection. Drawing on other political satire films by filmmakers such as Ernst Lubitsch, Billy Wilder, Mel Brooks and Armando Iannucci, I wanted to bring a little humour to the whole debate, whilst also taking a moment to celebrate the many wonderful European exports that we so often take for granted.


The Big Spread