SongWe Are Everything (and That’s Alright),

I wrote this song in the midst of the Covid 19 lockdown aiming to explore existential questions of purpose and meaning. The song is about two lovers who have been through it all and suffered despair for too long. Now having fought for too long and ready to give up, they consider ending it all by walking into the ocean hand in hand. As such, the hope for respite and the fear of the end provides two opposing considerations as they ponder answers to what ‘it’ all means. What they realise is that everything is relative and only they hold the key to the purpose and meaning of their lives. It doesn’t matter if the universe has planned something else. Life, for them, is about love, and about moments. By loving one another and being there for one another to share in moments of joy and despair, they have achieved the only purpose that matters. Love is their connection and contribution to the universe, and that is enough. So, regardless of whether they continue to fight or walk hand in hand into the blue abyss… ‘Don’t hold your breath, there is only one secret – we are everything…and that’s alright’.