April 12, 2019

What makes you vulnerable?

Ally Zlatar

Graphite pencil on paperVulnerabilities (Series of 3), 48 x 72 per sheet

This series of three examines one element of the human condition I am fascinated with, vulnerabilities. In these works each of my models told me one of their deepest insecurities and I decided when I draped them in cling wrap, I would make their portrait reflect that subtly, without drawing too much attention.

In the top drawing my friend expressed his discontent for his nose and I draped the cling loosely to hide his perceived physical vulnerability. Similarly, in the middle work my friend was frustrated with her glasses and lack of good sight. So in hers I hid her eyes. The bottom drawing my friend said her weakness was her asthma. In her drawing I made the cling wrap appear to be sucking the breath out of her to show how trapped and limited she is.

The three drawings (top to bottom) express people’s vulnerabilities and as your eye travels downwards you see the more impactful they are and how severely it limits and frustrates them as the cling wrap tightens more in each drawing. Although none of my models express their discontent their vulnerabilities verbally, they accept their fate and suffer in silence, as reflected in the drawings. Ultimately, this series explores the notion of the limitations of the human condition and it’s impact on our lives.