My project/music/my art is an escape from my mental health issues myself and many other young people face today.

I suffer from serious depression. I feel lost and unsure what i want from life or where do i want to be.
Music gives me an indescribable hunger. Gives me goals to chase. It has its ups and downs but i can never give up.

Whether its music, film, travel, career path, business opportunity, young people today come from a privileged society and should want to take risks.

If you focus, work hard and challenge yourself you can get what you want from life.

My motto – ‘Life is a Privilege. Death is a Certainty’.


I am a music artist from Scotland. All work (music/visuals/art) is created in house by a small team/new family I have met literally from networking through music. Music has opened so many doors and carved new pathways for life.
Others just need to find what makes them tick.