January 4, 2020

What makes our childhood friends so special?

Graham Dallas, 62

A song about four boys who grew up together in a Glasgow housing scheme. The boys had ambition all wanted to make something of themselves. So off they went in pursuit of their dreams, losing contact as they moved around the world. Thirty 30 years later one of the boys, through the wonder of the internet, managed to track all the boys down and arranged for them all to meet. As the boys were spread across the world it took two years before the meeting took place. The song tells the story of that night and what they spoke about; the scheme, the mischief, and the great achievements, Scottish people had made throughout history and throughout the world. Although they were out of touch and leading very different lives they all felt a special bond with each other and vowed to stay in touch. Sadly 10 year has passed and there has been no contact, however, as one of those boys I often think of them and would drop everything should one of them call me looking for help. I know they would do the same for me. I hope you enjoy the song.

Scottish Boys,