PoetryTo the guy in the bathroom, 2020

Last year, I was involved in providing evidence for a court case that has now finished. This experience made me a victim when I did not truly feel like one and made me think twice about how we treat those in our legal system in Scotland. Having someone try to take your photograph underneath a bathroom stall in a shopping centre is a strange experience and for some, it can be something a lot worse. After this experience, I was fuelled by confusion, frustration and in some ways, rage; a rage not often explored. Acquaintances and friends would react in a variety of ways; I would have to make light of the situation. I would have to joke about how this man violated my privacy. I would have to joke and laugh about how this man thought he had the right to my body. The way people treated me in not only social situations but also in the legal system made me question who had a right to my body. At what point is my voice invalid and insignificant?