Video, EditingYear, 2020

Last January I put forward my first submission to the John Byrne Awards. With it came a great deal of catharsis from finally being able to dedicate my time into something creative and for the sake of just creativity itself – free from artistic boundaries, deadlines, or corporate targets. Simply finding a question and trying to answer it through a given medium. From this I decided to make it my challenge for the year, ensuring that at least once per month I was dedicating myself to some sort of personal artistic expression. And now, as I began to look back on what my year had been, I started to consider what we mean by ‘a year’ – seeing my pieces in amongst the incredible talent on display, I realised that each and every person had experienced their own time, their own events, all simultaneously, while we slowly made our way around the sun. How do you add this all up? How much time do we truly experience as a collective? My video looks to explore and quantify the concept of cumulative time – how long is a year, when measured across every one of us?