Acrylic paintA Man Named George,

A person can not be defined by any one thing. Humans are made up of a multitude of random and unique qualities. This picture explores a man named George. Every detail depicts a different aspect of his life, personality and story. From the thistle representing not only his Scottish pride but his three daughters who made him proud. The rose crossed with a walking stick to showcase his love of his wife who would become his carer in his latter years. The hill where he was scattered and the stars told in a family story. With each glance you can explore and question the connection between George and the paintings details. Though parts may seem random, they all share a relationship to George and help share the memory of him left behind. No person is ever really straight forward. We are all made up of variety, contradictions and far more complex than we may ever seem. When asking what makes a person, the answer varies depending on who you ask. This painting is the result of many stories colliding together. What makes a person? The answer is no one thing.