November 20, 2020

What life is worth?

Christine Roychowdhury

Oil on CanvasPandemic 2020, 20201200cm x1500cm

Pandemic 2020. ‘Why do I paint?’ would be a question well worth pondering and I would come to the conclusion that I paint because I’m good at it and because no one else paints about what I think are important matters and questions. The pandemic has brought about the image of the elderly and the question of their worth within society. They have been ignored, hidden, placed in homes and forgotten about. Marked as a group, and not as individuals with their own minds and idiosyncratic, strong characters, who don’t conform to the gentle old folk who would play out their life with Bingo. We are the same people at 30 as we are at 80. We become our mothers and become ignored and invisible as they. I look at relationships and the way in which people are viewed through the lens of expectation and age.