January 31, 2020

What lies beneath the surface of stone?

Craig Thomson

LimestoneChrysalis, 201450 x 30 x 20cm

For me what lies beneath the surface of a block of limestone is the interesting creative journey to a finished piece of art. I have no immediate goal – simply to let the raw material take the chisel and my imagination into fascinating places. I felt that Chrysalis was an apt title as I slowly transformed the raw material from a piece of limestone into an abstract shape that resembled a quiescent insect pupa in nature. Unlike most other art forms where you add materials, with stone carving I enjoy the opposite process of taking away from the original stone. When I draw or paint I usually know exactly what I want the end result will be, but with sculpture, rather than fighting against the material, I enjoy allowing the layers and striations to influence the final forms into a more abstract piece. My aim is for the finished work to be as visually interesting to the viewer as it was artistically rewarding for me to create.