October 30, 2019

What lies beneath the bell jar?

Holly Cockburn


This poem stems from feelings of detachment from the rest of the world, when depression clings onto you and seems to smother all connection with people you know that you should feel love for and want to engage with. The guilt that comes from trying to be who you used to be but feeling like a fraud whilst those on the ‘outside’ seem to flow effortlessly and authentically around each other. Inspired by years inside my own head and Sylvia Plath’s writings – in which I found sore comfort within the familiarity of the character’s inner worlds.

I sometimes feel that words like to be written down when I’m most unsure of what’s going on in my head – almost as a small insight through the ‘numbness’. In sharing our individual mental and emotional experiences, I find that our subjective hurts and quirks are often discovered to be much more relatable than we expect. We can help each other in creating.