April 11, 2020

What lesson can we learn from covid-19 as a society and as human beings?

Fabio Scaglione

Marker and InkWhat lesson can we learn from covid-19 as a society and as human beings?, 202059.4 x 84.1 cm

A month ago Italy went lockdown. The same day people all over the UK made stock of toilet rolls and long-term goods. While I am feeling ashamed for human behaviour, the UK Prime Minister is barking about herd immunity in a clumsy attempt to safeguard economy at the expenses of people’s health. We get told that there is an invisible virus, highly contagious, a harm for life that pushes the community to self-isolation and social distancing. It reduces human activity to the necessary and it ultimately shows us that is possible to live in simplicity. I look outside and the grass is growing shy among squares’ tiles, where busy people used to walk back and forth, the sky is clearer, pollution dropped, dolphins show up again in the harbours after a long time. I really do not know how to feel when, after weeks of isolation, I understand that the ecosystem thrives in absence of human activity and a virus that cuts our breath off, makes our planet breathe again. Maybe covid-19 pandemic has not to be seen as a danger but as a teacher that reminds us how fragile our existence is and shows us the possibility of change.