January 29, 2019

What keeps you up at night?

Thomas Feige


In this work, I was interest to show the impact that meditation, prayer or silent contemplation can have on someone and how powerful it can be. In our modern world where work, commitments and digital connectivity take a huge place, particularly for young people, we do not necessarily make the time for ourselves. Being always ‘busy’ does not necessarily lead to sense a fulfilment and many studies have shown that people now feel lonelier, despite endless entertainment or communication opportunities. Being in touch with others does not necessarily mean being in touch with ourselves and our feelings.
Meditation, prayer or contemplation can be calming exercises but also rousing ones- moments where we are most in touch with our emotions, be it anger, sadness, happiness or gratefulness. It is those emotions that I tried to portray in ‘Burning Contemplation’; they can be overwhelming, create a burning sensation, but if they are released they can also generate a great sense of calm.
For me, this work is about mental health and the time and space we should allow ourselves outside of the busy daily working life to pause, reflect and help us navigate the challenges of modern life.


Burning Contemplation


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