October 28, 2019

What is your nature…?

Lee-Roy Zozo


I find it interesting how similar images could symbolise different views and meanings to individuals and social groups. How different opinions can vary from being a man or woman painting a nude woman. I wanted to boldly express sexuality in a different direction – maybe the right one. Where it doesn’t have to be seen as a weakness or an objectification of self – which western society has so perfectly harnessed and implemented. What if those white pillars symbolised western society?  Structures – no choice but to work within them, but conforming is your choice.
Know who thy is, root yourself deep in your soul, and understand sexuality as a weapon/ part of YOU. See that it’s deeper than just the physical/ visual, but as an energy.
Natural beauty. What is the rawest form of beauty? Yourself. Love yourself the way you came. Skin, hair, identity, differences.. or is there a need to ‘fit in’ and conform to what is subconsciously
forced on you..? Reconnect to your being. Reconnect to your nature.
What is your nature?.. .