September 26, 2020

What is your inner truth in contrast to your outward appearance?

Lucy O'Donovan, 45

This is a self-portrait of the artist, carried out over a period of two years. Over this time the artist was struggling with serious hardship. She was recovering from a severe traumatic brain injury where her prognosis was not positive and she was rebuilding her life from this. This had involved coma, relearning to read, write, walk and talk. In addition, she was also hoping to have a baby – this involved in vitro fertilisation, miscarriage, pregnancy, birth and early motherhood. She found all of these things difficult to face and live through. During that time the artist went about her life without showing the difficulty she felt, and this grew hard to maintain. Her facial expression in this work depicts the feelings of the artist over that time and the raw, true emotion she felt. These feelings were hidden by the artist in her life and she wished to show them in this portrait.

Truth, 2017Oil on canvas0.7m x 0.6m