July 4, 2021

What is Your Identity?

Szymon Oliwa

Oil on CanvasIdentity, 2020150 x 100 cm

“Identity” has been painted with a strong flow of feelings and emotions about identity issues that contemporary society suffer from as well as reality of ending life. Nowadays many people’s need is ’better me’ identity and so they create a fake image online. I believe this have a huge impact on mental health of many people that can even destroy their lives… Since identity is undoubtedly a vital and fundamental goal, it is so important to show the meaning of true identity as well as the difference between real and virtual identity, of which virtuality has become an important part. I wish that the impact of this virtuality on humans would be more minimal. I believe it would help to prevent identity destruction and save our true selves. So, this painting depicts of ruination and decay of identities and human life. It is a reminder of what happens when fake identities are created – it results in damages. It ruins and it kills. It kills the true identities, the society and life.