February 28, 2019

What is your fate to be, my deer?

Ribh O'Neill, 17

My deer acquaintance,

I was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of your beauty, if only for a mere second. You were so delicate in your movements. So graceful and careful. Every step taken in silence, terrified of being heard. You gazed up at me with child-like innocence, resting in your soul, and yet, deep down, there was a fear. A fear of human beings, a fear of me. You did not trust me, not fully. And how can I blame you? With every gun-shot I hear I fear your life will be ended. A blood-stain in the field showing a beauty that once lived. Your life could come to an abrupt stop at any given moment. Those eyes, I fear, have seen horrors that no creature should. And at the merciless hand of my fellow human beings.

They hunt you and chase you for fun. Such beauty should not be harmed. Such beauty should not be captured. Such beauty should be glorified.

The Monarch of the Coast should not just fade away with the snow. It should rule over for life.


Monarch of the Coast

Inspiration came from the beautiful art piece of, ‘Monarch of the Glen’, by Sir Edwin Landseer.