Pencil on paperNostalgia, 2020Approximately A3

My drawing is meant to display a place that everyone will visit a few times in their lives. A place that we access when the world stops for a second and we can dream away to distant shores. ‘Nostalgia’ is meant to visualise the drastic contrast between the pleasure of joyful memories and the pain of deeply missing them. Especially in isolation, many felt like they were swept away to this swamp of ucertainty where both future and past seemed unreachable and where they were faced with a choice: To be consumed by the loss of cherished moments, lonely and anxious, or learn to see a silver lining. Learn to take the feeling of loss as a reason for determination to pursue life more intentionally and courageously than ever before. Nostalgia as a place far from the rivers of time where what past moments do to us in the present inevitably shapes our future. The moment depicted is the nostalgic individual facing the decision between new revelations and a path to self destruction. People have been exposed to themselves more than ever this year and I think that the place depicted is part of the huge revelatory power of 2020.