June 28, 2020

What Is There To Discover?

Rosario Mastrocinque

Batik PaintingMap of Leith in Batik, 202075x60 cm

During the covid-19 pandemic our life has been turned upside down. One of the changes that has affected me has been the limitations in my movements; during the pandemic we had to stay at home, with only daily outdoor exercise, strictly in our area. The initial sense of frustration soon turned into a realisation: before the pandemic I was used to my `standard` routes: home, work, gym, pub, repeated over and over again. I was too busy to explore something different, or even engage with my neighbours. During the pandemic, however, I started little adventures in the area where I live in Edinburgh, Leith. Walking or cycling, I discovered little gems, unknown streets, hidden patios, paths and parks. I am a batik artist and I wanted to create an image of my newly discovered routes in my beautiful community, similar to new `threads` connecting places and people. Patterns are very common in batik art, and I realised that I was weaving new patterns in my territory, while also creating a new sense of belonging to the environment where I live. I could only express that with a map, a new pattern in batik. So what is there to discover?